“John St. John’s book is an 
  inspiration for all of us” 

             Alex Atamanenko.
       MP. BC Southern Interior.

"Your book is a great ice-breaker for Canadians who have a burning inner feeling that something is desperately wrong in this country, and despite the fact that they don't want to believe that their government is part of the cause, they are now compelled to further investigation as a result of reading your story."

Debbie Anderson. 
  The Canadian Action Party.
Hi, John

I must tell you that I enjoyed your book very much.  It was a little strange at first - your very idiosyncratic way of telling your story, and 'the everything including the kitchen sink' approach was different too (now I understand why...it gives credence to the whole story).  However there are so many parts that the ordinary person can relate to and your message is one that everyone needs to hear.... I do hope your book does well!
                               T. Cole Calgary. Alberta.

Working Class Hero was…  GOOD ~ awesome ~ informative ~ special ~ gain ~ beneficial ~ etc., WOOF ` WOOF.                       Keep it up!!!
              Barb Cash. Windsor. Ontario.

Hi John,
I read your book on a beach in Rarotonga, rekindled lots of memories for me, loved every bit of it and found it hard to put down.
           Take care.

                           John (No Saint)                                                  J. Fuller  Campbell River. BC.

Hello John,

Thank you so much for ‘Working Class Hero,’ my wife and I couldn’t put it down… Being both teachers we have read a considerable number of books and would defiantly put yours on our top ten list. I forwarded your book to my school librarian and she is going to see about recommending the Calgary board of education consider buying a copy. Who knows? Maybe it would be ordered for use in the high schools? I will be asked to forward a written evaluation of it seeing as how I have read it. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

Hope all is well with you and the family.  Michael Lalonde.          

What a great book for a night by the fire! 
One reads it with excitement but also trepidation.... what is going to happen next to our 'vulnerable' hero?
The narrative moves along and there is lots of reference to people and places known to most of us.
Most of us, also, have had times of utter frustration, confusion and outright pain about circumstances we really can't control; no matter what precautions we have taken.  So, we identify strongly with you, John!
You are still young enough to gather material for a sequel, but I would hope the next phase of your life (and Mary's) would be a lot more pleasant...
All in all a good read on several different levels.
                                          All the best in your marketing endeavors!

                                                                        -Morley Lessard. Balfour BC.

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The funniest - most serious book we have ever read!

Yvonne and Ralph.
Vancouver Island.

John St. John 
is the Canadian David Icke!!!

S. Hamel. Kelowna.
Hello John, Thanks for writing your book "Working Class Hero". I heard about it on shaw cable tv local programming and got it out of the Vancouver Island Regional Library.  I wondered near the end of the book whether you had moved (once again) and this time to Vancouver Island, and sure enough I can see from your website that you have! I hope you are having fun here, lord knows what you are doing now! I just wanted to say that I found your book inspiring because you got "knocked down" but you got up again many many times. And many times you have had to reinvent yourself. I don't have any idea how you manage to develop so many talents in one lifetime. That to me is what is inspiring. But of course a big part is that you are very hard working. From reading the book I could see how much of a loving and gentle person you are. I am hoping to use your inspiration to help me to be brave enough to try new things more often and to take more healthy risks in my own life. thanks again, Karen Duncan BC
I'm very much enjoying the book!!!... that is... when I can get it away from Barry, he's a chapter ahead..Im at the end of ch 4, we only started reading a few nights ago.
It really is one of those books you dont want to put down. I cant wait to see what happens next.!

Ann McIvor - Port Alberni