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The world is changing, and so are the people, everyday more information bubbles to the surface braking into pieces what was once considered the core values and steadfast traditions of our society. People everywhere are finally waking up and smelling the coffee! A taste that may seem bitter at first, as their world appears to have gone insane with allegations of Government Corruption, Corporate Bailouts, Moral Decent and Escalating Violence... but all is not lost!  
Out of the darkness comes the light. More often than not situations have to get worse before they can get better, and only by uncovering what is wrong in the World can we then implement the necessary steps to correct it and find that, oh so needed, balance. 
This book is just one of the tools we can use to manifest this change.
Occupy Victoria. 15th. Oct. 2011 and yes that is me in both photo's...
An Open Letter to Humanity.

Why are so many people unhappy? I know that there is a myriad of reasons for this, health issues, relationship problems and family crisis etc, etc.  But I believe the number one reason is a lack of money. 
This lack is not only the main reason for the above, it is also the main cause of worry, stress, arguing, jealously, crime, alcoholism, prostitution, hunger, homelessness and drug abuse and the list goes on… The system we currently have is based on inequality of the masses, where greed by the few has the rest of us running around in circles trying to make a living, trying to care for our families, buy food, pay bills and making ends meet etc. We’re given just enough to survive and be able to work, thinking ourselves lucky if we earn above minimum wage, and are able to buy a average car and eat out in average restaurants… while the rich laugh at us as they drive by in their million dollar cars on the way to a 5 star restaurants!  People say that I need my head examining… the Elite and Government would never do the things I accusing them of, right! Wrong, In fact that’s one of the reasons they are getting away with it – they know that the people won’t believe me! Well, in fact it’s a whole lot worse that you could ever imagine and I am telling you the truth, “So help me God.” In fact I now believe that God (or whatever higher power you believe in) put me there to uncover all these lies. Why else would I have been there? Do you think is was by accident that I an ordinary guy, form a working class background was put there to witness all this corruption, and yet honest and sober enough not to get seduced by it? I don’t think so… I was put there for a reason; I was put there to be part of this new awakening. I was put there to ‘Help Humanity Find out the Truth!’ I am prepared to take a polygraph and even stand up in the face of God and swear that everything I’m saying is true.  Whatever it takes to prove to you that these people are not who they pretend to be! I’d love nothing better than to forget all that I know, relax and retire knowing that my children and grandchildren’s future is secure… but I can’t and it’s not! Hundreds of years ago people believed their leaders, who said the world was flat and that the Sun circled the Earth… and we killed those who told the truth and let the liars run the show. What we need now is a big shift to happen via the people, our governments have had so many opportunities to change for the better, but this will never happen whilst it is under the control of the shadow government that really does exist. How many of you will blindly follow the dictates of leadership that unknowingly grows more and more influenced by the presence of this shadow government? How many will have the courage and ability to poke their heads above the programming to begin asking the right questions? How many will dare to believe stories such as mine, that challenge everything the program has taught you to believe? How many will embrace the value of their personal essence and follow into a spiritual awakening? ‘We The People’ are the ones that care for this world… not the Elite, We are the ones that built the structures, make the clothing, grow the food, teach the children and care for the sick…us! So why are we giving our power away to the 1% who can’t do anything except take? The answers to these questions will determine what realities await us as we proceed into this 21st century. The shadow government is a travesty upon humanity. The people involved in this scheme are blinded by the pursuit of power and domination.  There is no safety in blindness, only blindness. Safety comes from awareness and making appropriate choices, and that is precisely what the interior government does not want the masses to be capable of doing. They prefer to keep you distracted and create all sorts of political, economic and environmental strategies aimed at fueling controversy, internal conflict and other preoccupations so the public does not have time or energy to notice that information on many things is being withheld and misrepresented. Be aware of the tactics being used, for they are employed to sidetrack you from the covert agenda that will affect every one of you more than you know. Does the availability of money affect you?  Does personal security for yourself and love ones affect you?  Does your health and welfare affect you? For these are the specific areas which they plan to manipulate people on a mass level? 

Like the children being controlled by the system, we are told stand up, sit down, move when the bell rings, taught in only one method (which some find difficult) given pharmaceutical drugs if they don’t listen and learn, taught not to think for themselves.  Nothing has changed now we have grown up, we are still told to do this, do that, like paying purchase tax on items with wages we have already paid tax on! Why do we still need watching? We are capable of looking after ourselves and not just given a pittance once a month to keep us quiet, jump when you are told to, then drugged down by pharmaceuticals if we show are sign on independence. It’s made so difficult for us to have your own businesses, so many rules, regulations and licenses for this, that and the other… Some states in the USA are now banning cash on all used items… Why? Because, every one knows that there is no paper trail and we are told that only terrorists, drug dealers and gun runners use cash! Remember people, don’t think for yourself, just do as we say.

We the people can do a better job, looking to the government is not the answer anymore.  We need support groups for those of us who wish this change, many will be scared to move out of their false security, can’t say I blame them, but we just cannot carry on this way anymore, it’s not working, let’s take our power back. Let’s put our ideas together. (We are the ones paying for everything, so we should have the right to ask questions and demand answers without having the door slammed in our faces while the talks our future are done in secret.) Personally I think we need to throw out all the political parties and go back to a system of independent representation by individuals who work for the people – not the party! People who have a proven track record of compassion, honesty and integrity... and while we're at it, let’s throw out the Prime Minister, and replace him with a board made up of the people who received the greatest amount of votes from each province and territory. That way every part of the country gets a say in what laws and bills are passed.  

I also suggest we do this, the large corporations need to feel the pinch, like most of us are, spend you hard earned money in small businesses as much as possible, keep the money circulating in your own respective areas, local farms, more like it used to be years ago. Stop shopping at big corporations like, Wal-Mart for instance, they bank there 30 billion plus dollars a year profit out of the Country. One initiative that has come out of the Occupy Wall Street Movement is Bank Transfer Day - where they are calling for people to move their money from the large corporate banks to local community banks and credit unions.

This is an example of proactive, non-violent non-participation - Our financial system is corrupt at its core. Moving our money out of the big centralized banks sends a clear message that we will not support them with our deposits, or be a part of their corrupt practices. It does not demand anything of anyone other than ourselves, and gives us an opportunity to exercise the power we have. 
Our greatest defense against these misguided greedy elitists is to become aware of what is taking place around us and uniting together as one humanity where the collective consciousness is for the betterment and rights of all not the few. You need only to do the math’s; 80% of the World’s resources are being consumed by 20% of the population, leaving the other 80% to survive on the remanding 20%... and the top 1% with more wealth than the other 99% combined. With greed like this thrust into the face of the masses, how can we ever expect to live in a world without resentment and resulting mayhem such inequality breeds. 

They say,”If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.” Well, this system is so broke it’s beyond repair! When carpenter ants take root into a building it doesn’t matter how much renovating you do – the rot is still there – and the only real way to fix it, is to tear it down and start a new – and that also applies to our governments. 

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